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Our process

We ensure consistency and cost efficiency by handling all the steps of eyewear production.

  • Product design
  • Product quality
  • Smart packaging
  • Consulting
  • Marketing & communication

Product design

With considerable experience working for licensed and private label brands, our designers combine top-notch craftsmanship with high quality materials to transform your vision into a finished product. Our demand for perfection, precision, and comfort is reflected in the frames we produce.

Production quality

Our engineers employ modern technology and sophisticated production techniques to produce exceptional masterpieces. In addition, each frame is meticulously inspected and adjusted before its final release. This ensures that all pieces adhere to the highest standard of quality.

Smart packaging

When it comes to packaging, we make no compromises. We can provide innovative and high-end package designs to match your frames. Our in-house design experts and network of industry partners enable us to provide the best aesthetic for your product. The unique structural design of these smart packagings are patented.

We have access to a wide range of high-end material, all of which are compliant with applicable worldwide quality regulations including REACH and PROP 65.


We have a rich history in developing eyewear brands from concept to production. What sets us aside is our vast experience in guiding brands that want to venture into eyewear production. Our team of industry experts offer support in all aspects of design, production, and brand strategy.

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In today’s competitive market, it’s essential to have a compelling story behind your product. We understand that having the right story adds value to your brand, that’s why we have partnered with PLZ., a creative marketing and communication agency with a strong expertise in Go-To-Market strategy. They help people design brands, define the right strategy (online and offline), and build-up the essentials for a good take-off. They also have the ability to produce all your brand content (with a photography and video production studio based in Lisbon Portugal) and the marketing tools you need to make your venture successful.

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